Welsh Harp Conservation Group

Dedicated to preserving Brent Reservoir and the surrounding Welsh Harp environment as a haven for wildlife


Welcome to the online presence of the Welsh Harp Conservation Group, which is dedicated to maintaining Brent Reservoir and its surrounding area as one of London’s most important wildlife habitats.

Commonly known as the Welsh Harp (for historical reasons), Brent Reservoir is a large area of open water lying adjacent to London’s North Circular Road between Neasden and West Hendon and just six miles from central London. Along with most of its shoreline, the reservoir is designated as a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest, mainly because of the diversity of breeding waterbirds. In addition, the reservoir and significant areas of its surroundings have been designated as a Local Nature Reserve and a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation.

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This site was established in 2016 and is maintained by Andrew Haynes.
It succeeds an earlier website set up in 1999 by Brad Charteris,
who for many years generously continued to host and update
it on his server space after he moved away from the area.
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