Brent Reservoir hide used for filming

NOTE: This report from early in 2018 appears here out of chronological order because it was moved to this blog in December 2018 from a different page.

13 MARCH 2018 — A film-maker has provided the WHCG with a little useful income by renting the Main Hide on 8 March 2018 to film a short comedy movie — although, in the event, all the filming actually took place in and around the Heron Hide instead.

The film crew and cast consisted of the director, a cameraman, a sound engineer and two actors. With all their equipment — camera, lighting, a large reflector, microphone, video monitor, tripods, etc — it was a tight squeeze in the smaller hide.

(left to right) actor, actress, cameraman, sound engineer

The film’s plot concern a wildlife photographer who is trying to snap a rare “Lesser Spotted African Woodpecker” but is interrupted by a boorish interloper — a local resident who is not a birder but occasionally makes use of the hide to escape his wife and to listen to his portable radio, eat smelly sandwiches and drink lager. The photographer becomes so frustrated by his activities and his annoying attempts at conversation that she eventually clocks him over the head with her camera. The End.

Although the film was only to be about five minutes long, the filming session took six hours.

The director promised that once the film had been edited he would supply a copy for posting on this website.

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