Annual reports

The Welsh Harp Conservation Group issues an annual report giving details of the group’s activities and the wildlife recorded at the Welsh Harp during the year. Past annual reports from 2007-08 onwards are available free of charge in PDF format here:

Welsh Harp Report 2019
Welsh Harp Report 2018
Welsh Harp Report 2017
Welsh Harp Report 2016
Welsh Harp Report 2015
Welsh Harp Report 2014
Welsh Harp Report 2013
Welsh Harp Report 2012
Welsh Harp Report 2011
Welsh Harp Report 2010
Welsh Harp Report 2009
Welsh Harp Report 2007–08

Birders can also ask to be added to a mailing list to receive future reports by email as soon as they are available. Contact Andrew Self (a-self [AT]

Birds of Brent Reservoir

In 2002 the WHCG published a book, Birds of Brent Reservoir: The natural history of the Welsh Harp, edited by Leo Batten, Roy Beddard, John Colmans and Andrew Self. Copies are still available and can be obtained from Andrew Haynes (andrewhaynes [AT] at a cost of £12 a copy. All proceeds from sales of the book go towards conservation management work at the reservoir.

Since publication of the book, Andrew Self has prepared a supplement, Birds of Brent Reservoir: Facts and Figures, which expands and updates the book’s information on the birds recorded at the reservoir. Now in its fourth edition (2018), the supplement is available free of charge in PDF format here:

Birds of Brent Reservoir: Facts and Figures (4th edition, 2018)

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